Covid-19 Update for Feeding Los Cabos Kids

Dear Friends of Feeding Los Cabos Kids,

We trust all of you are well. We want to update you on Feeding Los Cabos Kids during this unprecedented time of isolation and restrictions.
We appreciate your partnership and want to keep you updated on what is happening in Cabo.
Cabo is in lock down mode as is much of the world around us. The airport is basically closed until further notice with the exception of a few daily flights. With virtually no tourism the city we all know is like a ghost town. Praise God we have been able to move about the city as an “essential assistance program.”
All our kitchens are functioning well, with food being shopped for and meals being cooked by our local volunteer kitchen teams on location. The meals are picked up by family members at the kitchens as takeout and are eaten at individual homes to comply with the very strict Covid-19 regulations in Cabo. The needs and number of hungry people has continually increased.
We are making our budget stretch by cooking nutritious food that is not fancy. It is hard to say how long the shut down will go on. There is an increased need in the poor barrios due to lack of tourism based work and therefore many are suffering. Obviously with no tourism and no gatherings, Feeding Los Cabos Kids is experiencing huge reductions in monetary gifts. Fortunately Feeding Los Cabos Kids has a small reserve, but based on how long this shut down lasts and tourism takes to come back, as well as increasing needs, we will need to fill the gap and replenish our reserves to continue meeting the needs we have met for well over a decade.
The first half of the year is usually our busiest time, with many groups weekly making visits and contributing to the ministry. We are so thankful and grateful to those who have continued to remember the work we are doing through ongoing support.
A few local organizations and individuals have come along side us to supplement with some staples like fish, rice and beans.
We need your prayers and any financial support you can give us. We realize that many of you are struggling and helping in your own communities at home as well.
Obviously the national and local infrastructure in Mexico is lacking and with the majority of the people not working our need is critical.
Thank you for caring about Feeding Los Cabos Kids and the hungry children and families that we serve.


Donna Brnjic
Director and Founder of Feeding Los Cabos Kids

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